Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Ten Commandments of Eroica Cycling

Above: Harry & Leather at Eroica Gaiole in 2011

We recently joined the Ciclo Club Eroica and included with our schwag package was a small diary to record our Eroica exploits. In the first pages they printed what could be called the Ten Commandments of Cycling.  Since we'll soon be on our way to EROICA CA 2017, we thought we'd share them with you here.

The Ten Commandments of Eroica Cycling

1. Cycling is the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest!

2. The heroic cyclist seeks to know the history, soul, mechanics and legends of the sport. We love every kind of cycling and the use of the bike in all its forms.

3. We, heroic cyclists, greet other cyclists, respect all users and rules of the road. We try to facilitate other road users and to be civil and polite. We do not litter and participate in anti-litter campaigns.

4. We see our bikes as a means to a healthy lifestyle, to our wellbeing both alone and in the company of others. We are against the culture of doping in all its forms, as well as exaggerated training regimens.  When we follow a champion, we love those who are capable of being protagonists all year round.

5. We check to see if other cyclists are in difficulty, we stop when we should, we look around, we liberate our minds and enjoy the landscape when the pace allows it.

6. We, heroic cyclists, challenge ourselves and we respect performance and professional cyclists who race in a healthy way.

7. We think of the heroic cycling of the future, the kind of cycling that seeks values, the pleasure of adventure, discovery, the unexpected, the journey.

8. We think that the world looks better from the saddle. We work to ensure that institutions are attentive to promoting the intelligent and safe use of the bike. We help young people to get involved in cycling and we support their activities.

9. However, we seek to separate and combat those who manage our sport purely for business, because we know that cycling cannot be organized nor practiced without passion and heart.

10. We cannot miss l'Eroica, because it is our festival and our chance to celebrate with all those who share our ideas and values.

Note: These rules would sit well with Steve Tilford, a guy we knew casually and one Larry described as the "Keith Richards of cycling" for his wild appearance and seeming agelessness. Tilford was killed in a horrific highway crash early this morning. 
RIP Steve.

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