Monday, May 22, 2017

New NALINI summer jersey!

Just when you think you have everything...

 Above: our jersey admires the seaside at Ortigia in Sicily

Awhile back we wanted a lightweight mesh jersey for warm weather. Our former supplier came up with a nice one that proved popular enough that our stocks ran low (though we do have a few left at our Italian HQ) for awhile.

 Above: Heather models the new jersey (front)

That's been fixed now as our friends at Nalini created this one for us and we now have a complete stock of all popular sizes. We chose a fine mesh to keep you cool and a fabric that dries quickly.

and back.

As you can see the design has been updated a bit, but not so much that it'll make your other CycleItalia jerseys look outdated or you look out-of-place riding on one of our tours with others in the original version.

Best-of-all, you can get one for yourself easily. Of course they're available from us directly in Italy as part of your tour, but they can also be found online

Quantities are limited so don't wait if you want to be cool this summer!!

PS-looks great with the Limar tricolore helmet, no? We've been trying to get these available again online. Let us know if you want one, we'll start lobbying again.

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