Thursday, June 22, 2017

Paradise in Piedmont 2017

Paradise in Piedmont 2017

Whew! Too much fun to have time to create blog posts...but we're getting caught up but the fun never stops. Above you see our little group posing with Piero Coppi at the tombs of his famous cousins.

Each year we make a pilgrimage to this special place.

And then we ride off into the Langhe hills....

....up, up up, then down to Cortemilia. Tomorrow we'll climb to the highest point in the Langhe.

Yesterday Marco Gios personally delivered Steve's new bicycle! Above you see them dialing in the fit. Next season we'll offer a chance to visit the home of the famous blue bicycles so you can get your own. A trip to Favaloro is in the works as well if artisan carbon-fiber is your thing. Bikes 100% Made-in-Italy are truly special!

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