Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Piedmont Cycling Resort and La Corsa Rosa 2018

La Corsa Rosa 2018 and Piedmont Cycling Resort

The route for 2018's Giro d'Italia has been announced and we're happy to note three key stages will be close enough for live, in-person viewing/riding.

Yes, you can be up-close-and-personal with the big stars of pro cycling

Says it all, no?

Heather with some fans of The Shark of Messina. He should be there too.

Stages 18, 19 and 20 of La Corsa Rosa will be within driving distance of Piedmont Cycling Resort so we plan to offer day-trip excursions to ride part of the course and see the race live.

Stage 18 on May 24 finishes at Prato Nevoso so we can load up the van in the morning for the transfer and ride the course ahead of the race, waiting at a chosen spot on the climb for the race to pass through, then simply descend back to the van and return to PCR the same day.

Stage 19 does the same, but this time we'll ride up the infamous Colle Finestre and wait for the race to pass by on their way to Bardonecchia. With some luck on the return to the van we can find a bar with a TV to catch the race finish before heading back to PCR and dinner. We've done this before, read more about it HERE.

The penultimate stage will be number 20 with a finish at Cervinia. We'll hope for better weather than when Uncle Larry was there in 2012. Read more about that HERE.

With almost 3 decades in this biz, we're old-hands at big-time race viewing and never tire of the experience. We're happy to share it with Piedmont Cycling Resort guests on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact us for more details* and prices, we'd love to share the excitement of La Corsa Rosa with you!

*We have added the Cervinia excursion to our 2018 schedule. The others will depend on interest shown by clients.

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