Saturday, April 14, 2018

Cycling in Sicily and...

Getting in shape?

 Above: Heather poses part way up one of our favorite climbs in Sicily

We're trying! The students have returned to the USA, Larry's (pretty much) over his bronchitis and it's warm enough to ride in shorts.

So we (finally) have all the time we need to spend on the bikes. Yesterday's was the first 3+ hour ride with any real climbing we've done all year. Better late than never, though we hear some of you back in the USA are still buried in snow.

And Larry really needs some shape! He's off to see the last of his five monuments of cycling next weekend - Liege-Bastogne-Liege

You might be wondering "what does that matter?" but he's going with our friends at Velo Classic Tours who are going to make him ride some of these famous climbs, same as he did back in 2013 at the Tour of Flanders.

So he needs enough condition to survive the challenge. Like last time he's hoping they take it easy on him,  but he'll have to wait and see.

Full report to follow. Meanwhile, reservations for Piedmont Cycling Resort are coming in, have you made yours yet?

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