Tuesday, May 22, 2018


A Pilgrimage to Castellania

The Aversa family joined us at Piedmont Cycling Resort this first week. The GS Bernardo excursion they booked had to be cancelled due to snow on the pass, so we proposed a visit to Castellania instead. Above you see them posing at the ride's starting point, the La Suissa caffe and chocolate shop in Serravalle Scrivia.

Suitably fueled by chocolate and caffe they set out over the famous Strade Coppi towards Castellania.

We were enthusiastically met (as usual) by former mayor and first-cousin of the famous cycling brothers, Piero Coppi himself. Despite being a bit under-the-weather and his favorite osteria being closed on Monday, Piero provided a suitable repast on his own apartment terrace! What a nice man!

After some lively banter and stories about the famous cousins we took a look at the tombs and racing records of the famous Coppi brothers before bidding Piero arrivederci and heading off to the Museum of Champions in nearby Novi Ligure. We're lucky they like us as the museum is usually open only on weekends these days, but they kindly opened it just for us.

Grazie tutti!!!

PS-you can book your own similar excursion during your visit to Piedmont Cycling Resort, just ask!

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