Tuesday, June 26, 2018

La Mitica 2018

La Mitica 2018
 We've declared this our favorite bici d'epoca event. While we've loved all of the vintage bike rallies we've participated in, La Mitica is our favorite. Heather remarked during this one "This needs to be something we do each year" and Larry couldn't agree more. We posted a lot of photos and there might be enough for another post. 

 We always love to see vintage cars done up in support mode.
 Riders gather for the start in Castellania. Sadly, our friend Piero Coppi wasn't feeling well so we didn't get to say CIAO!
 And we're off....but nobody's in a big hurry. It's a long descent so there's the odor of old brake pads burning along with plenty of squealing from the hardened rubber. We suggest mounting fresh replica brake pads to avoid this.
 Really cool truck, eh?
 Folks here really get into the spirit of the event.
 Yes, the color of a classic Bianchi and made-in-Italy..
 ...and gorgeous chromed lugs as well...
 ..but it's a RAULER. Gorgeous anyway, no?
 There were more than a few Legnano bikes - the bike of Bartali - in Coppi country.
 Elegant rider, elegant bicycle. Those were the days!
 Riders are proud of their bikes, but envy and jealousy are not part of the atmosphere.
 Larry poses with the hard-working organizer Pietro Cordelli. He'll let you join in using one of our classic all-steel bikes, contact us about 2019!
 Bikes from a long time ago show up here...and get ridden!
 Plenty of little-known brands too, like this Santamaria.
 How 'bout a COPPOLA from Rome?
 Another COPPOLA.
 The city of Tortona REALLY puts out the welcome mat!
 Along with plenty to eat and drink...
 Pizza, focaccia, fruit, panini, water, soft drinks, vino..oh my!
 Plus musical entertainment and shout-outs to the foreigners who are riding.
 Ladies in period costumes saluted the riders.
 Their Sunday best!
 This one really takes you back in time, no?
After a dance number we headed back on the road to Castellania where routes split up into short (that was us, 50+ kms is enough) medium and long routes. Everyone met back up (and we mean up!) in Castellania for medals, congratulations and a nice meal including freshly boiled up agnolotti.

We left before the awards ceremony but it turned out they had awards for us! Pietro contacted us and we invited him out to Piedmont Cycling Resort so he arrived Thursday morning with a special Festina watch prize for Steve as the person making the longest journey to enjoy La Mitica.

And then they gave one to us! Mamma Mia!

Grazie tutti! Ci vediamo in 2019!

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