Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Grazie mille - ALBABICI

CycleItalia's Piedmont Cycling Resort presented by Albabici

That's a mouthful, right? We can use PCR for now.

Albabici's Gianluca Caliari, partner Violetta and son Nicolo paid us a visit recently. We did some cycling, some dining and some drinking - hey, it IS "pedala forte, mangia bene!" after all, right?

There's little doubt this is a cycling-friendly place, a recent cycling article on this area called it "Tuscany without the crowds" but we think it's even better than that.

Not only are there no crowds, there's a much greater variety of food and wine to be enjoyed here as well as peaceful roads that meander over and around what the locals call the "dolci colline" (sweet hills) giving you many options on your daily cycling route.

Join us and find out for yourself!

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