Monday, December 17, 2018

Napoli in December

Napoli in Bici

We're in Napoli starting Heather's Fulbright program. But first we need to find a place to live. What better way to get to know a place than on a bike?

So we went to experts... BikeTourNapoli.

Who kindly arranged for Grazia and Edoardo to meet us yesterday morning with a couple of MTBs to bounce over the cobbled streets and curbs along the seafront.

A great day weather-wise as you can see above. And Sunday's the day everyone's out on their bike as well so we had a great time.

Such a great time that we invited them to lunch. They of course knew the perfect place right on the sea and we certainly enjoyed mangia bene (as you can see above) though we didn't exactly pedala forte.

Once we find the perfect place to live and get down here with our own bikes we'll hope to meet up with these two again for some more fun.

Grazie mille ragazzi!!!

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