Wednesday, February 13, 2019

CycleItalia's Great Pizza Shootout Part 4

                      Who Makes the World's Best Pizza? Part 4

We may now be pizza snobs, but we're not yet tired of eating it. When you're fortunate enough to live within easy walking distance of places like these it's just too easy! Whether it's going out or ordering to go, the pizza here will remain our reference-standard, a comparison few places outside of Napoli will be able to withstand.

Pizzeria San Gennaro (no website so check TripAdvisor) was a fortunate find when we were here apartment hunting awhile back as it's the first pizza place on the street outside the place we were staying. One of those "Geez how bad can it be?" places turned out to be pretty damn good.

Our now standard "research" order of Margherita and Marinara was cheerfully delivered and enjoyed. We knew they'd be good but were curious as to how they'd match up with our recent samplings.

Excellent crust, though a bit soupy in the middle like Sorbillo's with tasty sauce and good cheese. If Sorbillo and Michele are 100's on a 100 point scale these were low 90's....pizze we'd be happy to enjoy again and again.

Above you see their display case facing the street. They'll fry up whatever you want to order and the rest of their menu looked interesting as well. We plan to stop by for a full meal before our time in Napoli is up.

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