Friday, March 29, 2019

CycleItalia's Great Pizza Shootout Part 8

Who Makes the World's Best Pizza? Part 8

We're both happy that no real money is riding on this shootout. The subtle differences in various pizze are certainly real, but they vary by what seems ever smaller degrees.

We've passed Fiorenzano (no website, so excuse the TripAdvisor link) plenty of times on our bikes riding along the seafront. It's tucked back into of almost an alley rather than right on the road where everyone and anyone can see it. One of those "Hmm, they don't have the most obviously great location - if they're making it go the pizza must be pretty good?"

And they've been at this since 1897? Let's give 'em a try!!!

We told them hands-down these were the most beautiful pizze we've seen so far!

Heather started calling my photos of these "pizza porn"
The sauce was very good, but perhaps not the best. The dough was one of Zio Lorenzo's favorites, but a bit too, well...doughy for Heather compared to some others with a bit more crispness and lightness.

We both delighted in the plentiful and fresh basilico, something we've not seen so much down here.

These were a huge contrast to our last contestant's offerings. Really, really good. And perhaps even better because we had no preconceived ideas based on any other ratings. We just thought it looked like a good place to enjoy pizza.

We were pleasantly surprised here. We're not ready to call anyone the winner yet but Fiorenzano has just emerged to be a factor in the final sprint to the finish line.

Buon lavoro!

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