Friday, May 24, 2019

How to Watch a Bike Race: Lesson 1

How to Watch a Bike Race: CycleItalia Style

First, choose the right stage. For us Stage 12 from Cuneo to Pinerolo had a lot of appeal with the location not too far from Piedmont Cycling Resort and a circuit which would let us see the riders more than once.

We drove up in the late morning with the idea of being up there in time to enjoy a proper pranzo before the race came by.  First we parked the car and walked along the route to the finish line, then up the short, but insanely steep San Maurizio climb with the idea to see the race pass by then head down to the finish.

Once we'd scoped out a great viewing spot (and escape route) it was time to find the perfect pranzo spot. PIAZZA DUOMO was right at the bottom of our escape route and had a Giro lunch special going, but we wanted a proper meal with all the courses. They had it!

A wonderful lunch in a sunny piazza, looked after by a caring staff. What more could you wish for? GRAZIE!!

OK, now back to the race! This climb was like one of the murs of Flanders!

We were jammed in with the masses of spectators as the racers struggled up this cobbled climb. Once the race passed...

....we headed back down to see the vintage bike displays

In Piedmont they are very much in-touch with the history and heritage of cycling.

Especially 100 years after Il Campionissimo Fausto Coppi was born.

Next, find a spot where you can see the action on the big screen, in this case along the finishing straight...

...close enough to see the prize presentations.

Pinerolo was dressed in pink with lots of creative displays for both the finish and the next day's start.

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