Monday, June 3, 2019

FAVALORO - Made to Measure in Italy Part 4

      FAVALORO - Made to Measure in Italy Part 4

A dream comes true. Michele Favaloro and Dee pose behind Dee's new bike. Delivered on-time and exactly as promised.

Of course when the man who made it also personally delivers it, the final fitting and adjustments take on a very personal nature.

Note the guidebook under Dee's front wheel. Michele didn't like Zio Lorenzo's wooden block to compensate for the height of the trainer so to make it perfect down to the millimeter we used an old guidebook opened to the exactly level position. Favaloro makes Zio Lorenzo's perfectionist instincts pale in comparison!!!

The only smile bigger than this one was the one we saw when Dee rode the bike for the first time on the road. He'd spent a couple of days riding one of our Favaloro rental bikes until Michele arrived (Dee decided to come to Italy ahead of the delivery date) with his Puma NTO. He liked our rental bike very much, but he LOVED this one!!!!

Dee enjoyed a couple of rides with Michele on the great roads around Piedmont Cycling Resort before Favaloro had to return to work on some more of these beautiful machines. 

We can create an experience like this for you as well, just let us know.

Grazie Michele, Lorenza, Mattia e Giada!!!

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