Monday, July 8, 2019

La Langarola 2019

La Langarola 2019

The third in the 2019 epoca trilogy for us was this past Sunday. La Langarola has arguably the best scenery to work with since it starts and ends in Grinzane Cavour after a few versions in nearby Barolo. Zio Lorenzo's been to 'em all!

This year's event was held the same day as one at the Museo Ghisallo, which seems silly to us but there are only so many Sundays on the calendar. We hope that's fixed for next year as we missed some friends that would likely have been here.

The recent heat wave in Europe has moved on, but it's still warm... you can see above.

At the first rest stop Zio Lorenzo said CIAO to friend Luciano Rizzo who really looks the epoca part, no?

He not only looks the part, he paints it as well.

Larry says someday when/if we have a permanent place to live here in Italy, he'll spring for some original art for the walls as so many Italians do. Why not start with a painting like one of these?

Our next stop was the famous FONTANAFREDDA who always put on a nice spread, complete with chilled, sparkling vino! Larry can never imagine a place in the USA offering chilled bubbly in a proper glass to a group of sweaty cyclists, can you?

The "pasta party" at the end is always enjoyable, especially when you get far more than just pasta. Before the tajarin (piemontese for tagliarini) ragu there was carne cruda  (think of steak tartare) and after, roasted potatoes, roasted meat and dessert. It goes without saying there was plenty of water and wine as well.

The awards ceremonies are always enjoyable with the women participants called up for gifts followed by the oldest, youngest and those who came from the greatest distance. Our award was kind of fake since we live in Italy now, but we didn't protest too much - would YOU turn down a magnum of 2016 Langhe Nebbiolo? We didn't think so!

Mille grazie tutti!! Ci vediamo prossimo anno!
(Thanks to everyone! We'll see you next year!)

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