Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Moving Day

Moving Day - finally comes!

We've been putting off moving furniture around in our new place for a couple of reasons: a) major items will NOT fit up or down the narrow stairwell, so must be put in or out via the double door/windows on the balconies b) we were stalling, waiting for our washing machine to be installed on the first floor (bedroom) in what used to be a sort of kitchen when the place was rented as a casa vacanza as they call 'em here.

But Monday we contacted the movers, tired of living more-or-less on the second floor with TV, bed and pretty much everything (except the ground floor bike shop and 1/2 floor-up kitchen) else taking up most of the floor space.

We were in luck! They could come over the very next morning! Who says nothing gets done here in Sicily? They showed up at 7 AM before I even had the morning cappuccino made! Just as Zio Lorenzo predicted, it took 'em longer to set up and take down their equipment than it did to actually move the furniture. But there's simply no other way to move big pieces like beds, sofas and dressers between floors.

It was only 9 AM and all the furniture was where we wanted it. Next we began to finally assemble new pieces that had been sitting in their boxes since there was no place to put them. 
By lunch time we had a functional living room with sofas, big-screen TV, coffee table and a small computer desk on the second floor with an actual bedroom with nightstands, dressers, etc. on the first!

This house really is beginning to feel like a home..FINALLY!

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