Thursday, December 19, 2019

Only in ITALY!


The day after we rode out to see the Trek-Segafredo training camp Zio Lorenzo's bike suffered a mishap as you can see in the photo below. The crack had obviously been there awhile but was never noticed during regular servicing. It WAS noticed once the chainstay was no longer connected to the dropout!

We were 20+ kilometers from home on this Sunday but managed to make it back riding very slowly, trying to keep tension on the chain to hold the parts together and keep the rear wheel from rubbing on the left chainstay.

During the slow ride back we began to think of what to do for a replacement bike for Zio Lorenzo? This bike can easily be repaired, but not instantly. We came down here with just one bike each with plans for more later, once we had a place to put 'em. He's got a couple of bikes in storage up north at our Piedmont Cycling Resort, so Plan A was to fly up to Milano, rent a car and spend the night at PCR. We'd take the broken bike with us, leave it there and then fly back with one of Lorenzo's other bikes. Enjoying a nice dinner and visit with our friends in Piedmont would be a nice bonus.

That was Plan A... until we checked on airfares. Seems the holidays are when plenty of Sicilians come back home from places like Milan, so while the flight up there was reasonably priced, the flight back home was not!
This little bike switch project was starting to look rather expensive!

Heather suggested a Plan B. Or maybe it should have been Plan G? "Contact Marco Gios" she said. "Instead of spending all the money with airlines, car rental companies, taxis, etc. we could spend it with them. You could get the GIOS you've always wanted (but really couldn't justify - how many bikes do I need?) and it would seem almost free. He's probably got a frame/fork in-stock in your size. He can ship it down here and then you can simply swap the parts off your broken one. Perhaps best of all, we won't have to go anywhere, especially during the holidays." Brilliant! Ideas like these remind Lorenzo of why he married this woman!!!

OK, Plan G it is - that same Sunday afternoon an email was sent to Marco explaining Lorenzo's problem. Marco responded within hours saying he was sure he had something on-hand in the right size and would check to make sure first thing Monday morning. The GIOS showroom is usually closed on Mondays but Marco said they had plenty of business to do anyway so they'd be there.

Monday morning's phone conversation confirmed they had a bike in Lorenzo's size. Within an hour the price was agreed upon and transfer of funds completed. The price was about what we'd have spent on airfare, car rental, lodging and meals for a trip to go to Piedmont and get one of Lorenzo's existing bikes out of storage.  

A GIOS Super Record 52 X 52 c-t with a Campagnolo Record headset quickly installed by Aldo, who also painted Larry's name on it was shipped out that same day!

By Wednesday afternoon in Sicily the bike was delivered! Lorenzo unpacked it and sprayed some anti-corrosion stuff inside right away and left it to sit overnight, as you can see above.

Thursday morning it all went together easily and after lunch these photos were taken during the test-ride. This bike was so close in size to the one it replaced Lorenzo could even cheat and use the same cable housings, though some new inner wires were installed. He didn't even have to unwrap the handlebar tape!!!

Chromed head lugs and Campagnolo polished alloy. What's not to love?

Beautifully pantographed seatstay caps plus Aldo's (the son of the founder Tolmino) and Marco's (the grandson) names on a tricolore decal.

Just like Roger De Vlaeminck's! Where can Lorenzo buy the legs?

More beautiful chrome in the rear. Is the rear derailleur cable housing a bit long? Probably, but the shifting is better when it's a bit too long rather than too short.

A huge GRAZIE to Marco and Aldo!!!

PS-If one of these beautiful bikes strikes your fancy, we can take you to the GIOS showroom during your Piedmont Cycling Resort vacation. There's a good chance you could fly home with your very own frame/fork or complete, Campagnolo-equipped bike!*

*A personal visit to GIOS (or FAVALORO) can be arranged with the cost credited towards the purchase price of your bike. GIOS bikes can be delivered only in Italy while your custom Favaloro can be shipped to you when completed. Contact us for details.

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