Friday, November 27, 2020

Addio Celestino

 RIP Celestino Vercelli

Celestino Vercelli (in white above, with son Edoardo in black) founder of Vittoria Shoes has passed away.

Zio Lorenzo has worn and loved their shoes for years, even back when he had to pay for them! But once he met the people who made them he loved them even more, especially the founder himself along with his lovely wife Ileana who works in the shoe factory every day. 

We visited their home/factory in Biella numerous times and even dined with them a time or two. Celestino couldn't resist telling us about his favorite local training routes, a few of them were even incorporated into one of our tours along with an overnight stop in Biella.

There are too many blog posts about Vittoria here to list, but you can easily find them using the blog search tool.

Edoardo now becomes sort of like Valentino Campagnolo, a son charged with continuing the work of a giant once he's passed on. We know he's up to the task.

We offer heartfelt condolences to the Vercelli family.

Our friends at have a good interview with Celestino Vercelli HERE.

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