Saturday, January 23, 2021

Fausto Coppi in Siracusa?


Here's a photo of Fausto Coppi in Siracusa from November 1947. Who knew Il Campionissimo was here? Next to him is local guy (from Floridia, a place we ride past regularly) Gino Aglieco. There was a GP di Ragusa soon after this photo was taken, suggesting Sicily's been a great place for winter training for a long time.

The photo is from COPPI per sempre by Auro Bulbarelli. As far as Zio Lorenzo knows it's yet to be translated into English, but you can see some of the pages in this video clip.

Zio's plowing through this 2-book set page-by-page, improving his understanding of Italian in the process...or so he thinks!

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