Thursday, July 1, 2021

Stay out of the road!

 Stay out of the road - PLEASE!

Did you see this?

C'mon! We can all tell you care nothing about the bike race - your goal was to get your mug on TV, but did you have to ruin the bike race in the process?

Fortunately this ditz has been identified and arrested. Zio doesn't understand why some crowd "justice" wasn't administered right away, before she fled the scene?

Like this time, but it would be like if Tony Martin took a swing at the moron.

Zio blames most of this on that stinky guy who dresses up as a devil and cavorts around the races. Granted, HE doesn't often get in the way, but he's inspired legions of other dolts who for some reason just have to put on a costume or hold a sign to get their few seconds of TV "fame" whether it's in a Borat-suit or a football helmet with steer horns attached.

The least you self-obsessed clowns can do is stay out of the road!!!

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