Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Thoughts on La Vuelta 2021

 Thoughts on La Vuelta 2021

We'll be going up to Piedmont Cycling Resort next month to discuss our plans for 2022. Before that we're excited about Il Giro di Sicilia though we don't know anything about the route yet. While up north we also plan to see some of the end-of-season races like Milano-Torino (Zio Lorenzo really wants to watch from the Superga climb) Gran Piemonte and perhaps even Il Lombardia.

Otherwise, not much to report from here in Sicily where the summer heat is (finally) going away and we're enjoying ride, eat, repeat as usual since we moved here for good back in 2018. 

We hope you are safe and healthy in this pandemic and looking forward to next summer when things (we hope) might be more back to normal?

Meanwhile, "Chaiman Bill" of BikeRaceInfo has posted Zio Lorenzo's thoughts on La Vuelta 2021. Go HERE to read 'em.

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