Thursday, October 28, 2021

"Harry and Leather" retire

 We've retired!

That's right, after more than two decades "Harry and Leather" aka "Lorenzo e Erica" (Larry & Heather) have called it a career when it comes to the bike tour biz.

While we're no longer operating Piedmont Cycling Resort don't despair - Hotel Ariotto and the wonderful roads of Monferrato are still there for you.

We visited with our hotel partners and friends a few weeks ago to discuss the future before we decided to stop, though we just might find ourselves up there enjoying la dolce vita in bicicletta more times each year (though for shorter periods) than we used to!

It's a short flight to Milano from Catania in Sicily, which is less than an hour's drive from our home in Siracusa. In case you didn't know, we left the USA for good back in 2018 and bought a house on the island of Ortigia in 2019.

Going up in the spring, summer or fall for a week or two could be something we do every year.

The roads of Ruche two weeks ago

Bike friendly? The sign asks motorists for 1.5 meters

Along with a new wine to enjoy!
You could too. Hotel Ariotto is still committed to helping you (though now you'll have to bring your own bike) enjoy the sights, aromas and tastes of their UNESCO heritage area.

With their advertisement (above) in this book (below)..

..they demonstrate their welcoming of cyclists to Hotel Ariotto while the book itself (available at Ariotto) features 120 on and off-road ride maps, descriptions (in English!) and more in the Monferrato region, complete with downloadable GPX files for your computerized map gizmo!

Many of these routes (or parts of them) will be familiar, while Hotel Ariotto has printed copies of the CycleItalia RideGuides as well.

While we no longer will be there to enjoy it with you, most of the rest of the services you're familiar with will be available, including airport transportation. Make your reservations by clicking HERE.

Type Piedmont Cycling Resort into the Promo Code box so they'll know you're a cyclist wanting to enjoy la dolce vita in bicicletta.

Grazie mille to everyone who joined us during our more than two decades in the bike tour biz and buon divertimento for the future!

Pedala forte, mangia bene per sempre!

Heather & Larry

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