Sunday, October 10, 2021

Il Lombardia 2021

 The Race of the Falling Leaves

Back-in-the-day this was called Giro di Lombardia, but now it's Il Lombardia for some reason. But it's still basically the end of the season and final of the five cycling Monuments of each year.

We've seen it live before and enjoyed it pretty much the same way this time - kind of the reverse of Milano-Torino a few days ago.

Our plan: check-in to a 4-star hotel (in this case Saturday afternoon) in the high city of Bergamo, not too far from the finish.

Enjoy the broadcast coverage of the race on a big-screen TV as they get close to the city and the final steep climb which (should) decide the winner.

Then run out to the street to see 'em pass live, up-close!

Homeboy Fausto Masnada raced up this climb alongside the eventual winner Tadej Pogacar and the Bergamo crowd went nuts!

Sadly for them, he couldn't get away from this year's L-B-L and TdF winner and had to settle for second. But it was another great race, really kicked off by the attack of another race-to-win guy, Vincenzo Nibali.

We met some old friends for dinner that evening and hope to enjoy another nice day of cycling at Piedmont Cycling Resort before heading back home to Sicily.

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