Friday, November 26, 2021

Cycling Friendly Siracusa

 Cycling-Friendly Siracusa

These signs are popping up all over Italy and finally Siracusa gets one.

This busy two-lane road is something we avoid if possible but it's one of the few ways southwest from here if one wants to ride along the coast or get inland without dealing with too much traffic. 

While we don't enjoy riding on this we've never had real issues here, it's a few hundred meters before this where things can get unpleasant. Maybe they'll put up another one back there? 

Either way, the feel of riding here (as well as anywhere else in Italy that we've ridden) when it comes to feeling safe (or at least accepted) on the road is far better than anywhere in the good ol' USA!

Meanwhile, it's "Black Friday" seemingly everywhere on earth. Did you buy anything today? We didn't unless you count a panettone. Why a panettone? We had a new computer printer show up the other day while we were out so the delivery man kindly left it with our next-door neighbor.

The neighbor brought the box over, kind-of ripped open and apologized, saying her elderly mother thought the package was a panettone and opened it! It must have been sad to find only a computer printer but all the parts were there and the printer works fine.

Zio Lorenzo decided to get a panettone and dropped it by the neighbor's this afternoon, telling the grandson who answered the door he'd found it at the bottom of the printer box! 

A worthwhile Black Friday purchase, no?

Happy Thanksgiving (a day late)!

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