Thursday, December 30, 2021

How was your ride today?

 How was your ride today?

Zio Lorenzo's was delayed by...cows! But not for long and the cow plop on the road was easy enough to avoid.

It's been too long since Lorenzo rode up the "Strada Diego" that the local boys showed him a few years ago, but when it's a day like this with bright sun, no clouds and 60+ F temps, if you're feeling good, have low gears and two bottles of water...perche no?

The whole thing's only 50 kilometers round-trip but you get that "middle-of-nowhere" feeling along with an absence of any sort of traffic out here so what's not to like?

Maybe the trash on the roadside when descending towards Floridia where you want to let off the brakes and zoom down but at the same time worry about hitting a bag o'trash, or a critter looking for lunch in one, or sliding out on a critter who got smashed while looking for lunch in one!

But soon enough you're back on quiet roads towards the coastline...and lunch. A first plate of basil and burrata ravioli followed by fresh grilled swordfish was ample reward!!!

As they say: La Vita e Bella!

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