Tuesday, January 18, 2022

April 1st already?

 Gravel Hall of Fame

"Gravel" cycling circa 1920

The "Biggest Midget in the Room Award" goes to the Gravel Hall of Fame.
Zio Lorenzo couldn't have said it better himself! What fame?

I think the "cart before the horse" idea sums this up pretty well, no?

"Gravel" is nothing more than the bike biz' latest attempt to sell you another bicycle. Since they figure you already have road, aero-road, comfort-road, endurance-road, a mountain bike or two, a 'cross bike and maybe even a stealth e-bike like a Pinarello Nytro, you must be ready for a "gravel" bike!! Or at least they're ready to sell you one.

Because there's no way you can ride ANY of those bikes you already have on gravel, right? Forget what those guys used to do in LeTour back-in-the-day. So far Zio Lorenzo's doing just fine with this.

Do you REALLY need another bicycle? Is there really a need for this Hall of Fame?

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