Thursday, April 7, 2022

Two Buck Chuck in Sicilia

 Cheap everyday wine

We haven't had any "Two Buck Chuck" in years, but the idea of a low-cost everyday wine must be universal, no?

We did a blind-tasting with some other Trader Joe's low-cost bottles, including some from Italia, during a visit to Santa Barbara years ago when the TBC craze was going strong - but Chuckie's vino didn't fare well. But the old "Hey, what do you expect for $2?" question is still valid.

Here in Sicily our answer is the two wines shown above. Puglisi's 5-liter boxes costs us less than $17 (15 euros here) fairly close to the price of TBC, but we can say both the white and red are pretty good. We'll get our hands on some Puglisi rosato* soon to complete our daily wine selection. Having fewer glass bottles to recycle each week is a bonus!

*Update: We got some rosato and it's good, so now we have three boxes on our shelf and use far less glass.

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