Saturday, May 7, 2022

Drink up!

 A proper victory celebration!
Amazingly in the land of Champagne (where the leader of that big race in July wears a yellow shirt) it is no longer legal to celebrate winning a bike (or any other) race with an alcoholic drink. Yep, no more spraying sparkling wine around there, but not here in Italy, grazie Dio!!

They say the first to spray was Dan Gurney at LeMans 1967 and La Corsa Rosa has Astoria as their official bubbly. Of course this is Prosecco but it sprays just the same.

Last year we ordered some of the officially-branded bottles from Astoria and before La Corsa Rosa was over we'd enjoyed them all and ordered more! We enjoyed one of the last of those during the Giro d'Italia team presentation earlier this week, so it was time to re-order. We keep at least one for a souvenir of course. It might still contain wine...or maybe not.

Some friends of ours saved us a bottle from 2019, one of the big ones with Astoria decals on the side, just like the ones sprayed on the podium. As you can see above it looks good with a matching lampshade in our living room.

One way or another, enjoy some Prosecco over the next three weeks, OK? We keep a bottle in our fridge at all never know when it's time to celebrate!

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