Tuesday, August 30, 2022

California Dreamin'

 California Dreamin'

Or not? Did someone hand-carry these from Italy? What makes them Italian anyway, do they just throw some dried oregano in there? Mamma Mia! We couldn't afford to live in the USA these days by the looks of these prices.

We made a quick trip to the other side of the world recently and were amazed at the prices they get for things. Artichokes $5 EACH!?!?

$7 for a small bag of croutons? Really? It says on the label they're just croutons so why so much for barely 4 ounces?

We were in Santa Barbara for a family wedding (congratulations Diana and Bob) then flew to the midwest to renew driving licenses on our way back to Sicily.

Midwest landscape. US flag and fast-food signs, but at least it's easy to get a driving license!!! There's a state there that seems ready to issue one to almost anyone who shows up and pays the fees.

We visited some old friends who enjoy a nicer midwest landscape.

Then flew back home to Sicily with a stop in Taormina for a concert. Antonello Venditti and Francesco DeGregori in the ancient Greek theater.

These old guys still can rock!

We spent the night in Taormina before finally making our way back home. They have a nice view there, but we'll take ours just the same.

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