Monday, March 27, 2023


Another of the greats has gone.
Ugo DeRosa, one of Italy's greatest framebuilders is dead at 89.

Zio remembers Viterbo framebuilder Serafino Tomi telling a story from the time he worked with Cino Cinelli. A team came looking for bikes but Cinelli was booked-up but told them of a new upcoming guy nearby who might be able to supply them - a certain Ugo Derosa.

Heather has a steel DeRosa bike for epoca events. It was purchased on-the-cheap in the USA like Zio's Bianchi, then repainted and decaled before being built-up with polished alloy Campagnolo components.

 Read more about DeRosa HERE. Enjoy some great photos HERE.

RIP DeRosa 

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