Friday, July 21, 2023

Haven't we heard/read this before?

 "Sherman, set the wayback machine to...."

Zio generally likes what David Stanley writes for our friends at BikeRaceInfo. But THIS is pushing it:

"Where does that leave us with Jonas Vingegaard? He keeps  passing the tests, and yes, we’ve all heard that before. For me, if he is using some gear, all the top riders have access to the same pharmacy. My advice?  Enjoy the racing, raise an eyebrow or two, and withhold judgement and  condemnation until we have any substantive evidence. Because doped or not, this  last week of the Tour should be incredible."

Readers old enough to remember the original "Mr. Peabody" cartoon show can set their wayback machine to 1999 and replace Jonas Vingegaard with....Lance Armstrong.

Have we learned nothing in more than two decades? Zio hates to think Mr. Stanley has not. The idea that any dope Vingegaard might be using is available to all is pathetic! Isn't that the same "But Mommy, the others did it too." argument BigTex made? Stanley's last word above might be the best description of the situation.

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