Friday, January 26, 2024

MV-Agusta Lucky Explorer



That's what the electric toothbrush advertisements say and we caved-in to our dentist's pleas awhile ago.

Heather went electric awhile ago with bicycles as well and Zio scored a used Bianchi E-Impulso Allroad at a good price in Piedmont at the end of last summer, but this brand-new one's on the way to Sicily for Zio to play with.

He wanted to try the newer MAHLE X20 electric motor* and also wanted a Campagnolo EKAR groupset for what's soon gonna be his only bike in Sicily other than the Bianchi for shopping and the other Bianchi for vintage rides. Zio hates to part with some of our beloved steel bikes, but we don't have enough room on the ground floor for a bike museum, so some of the old ones have to go! 

For a new e-bike there wasn't a lot to choose from matching Zio's requirements for a gravel bike with MAHLE X20 and Campagnolo EKAR but when a shop in Rome put MV's Lucky Explorer on-sale, out came the credit card!

More when (if?) the new bike arrives**.

*Regular readers may remember we planned/hoped to get Favaloro to make us custom e-bikes, but it seemed he was just too busy after that Italian TV spot showed what he could do.

**After a lot of back-and-forth with the dealer in Rome it looks like the bike will finally arrive February 8th. Far longer than the 5-6 days from payment they claimed, but a price more than 1000 euros off MV's listed price is worth it I guess? Turns out the shop doesn't even stock these bikes, despite what they said before Zio handed-over the euros. Seems like they get drop-shipped directly from MV, so it's coming from much farther north than Rome.

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