Wednesday, May 8, 2024

GIOS Raduno 2024

Famiglia Blu

The 7th GIOS Raduno was this past Sunday so we flew up to Milano, rented a car and headed off to our former HQ, Hotel Ariotto. We got our blue bikes out and made sure they were ready-to-ride on Sunday. Above you see a few of the tribe posing with Aldo and Marco GIOS.

This year instead of roadside stops for snacks, they arranged a full, sit-down, multi-course pranzo. Great idea!

We lucked-out with the weather as it's been rain-rain-rain up north. But Saturday and Sunday were clear though we raced back post-pranzo under some dark clouds. Above shows the group stopped to wait for someone with a broken chain. Same chain broke again on the way back, but everyone eventually made it back OK.

There was a roadside pause to see the Giro pass-by.

Pranzo was enjoyable, lots of catching-up with members of the tribe we might see only once a year while making some new friends as well.

One of the race police escorts remembered the old Brooklyn cycling team and called out as he went past.

GIOS created another limited edition bicycle, this one to commemorate the famous Grande Torino football team.

We also saw Il Giro pass nearby the GIOS showroom on Saturday under sunny skies.

Mille Grazie to Aldo, Marco, Silvi, Roby and the rest for all of their hard work to make this happen each year. This might not have been the biggest one yet, but maybe the best?


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