Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back Home in Italy!

After some uneventful flights, we are back home in Italy, at our headquarters hotel in Monferrato. After arriving early yesterday afternoon, we spent the rest of our first day moving all of our bikes and equipment from the storage attic to our CycleItalia "garage" here at the hotel. It took quite a few trips, but the exercise felt good after being cooped up in the plane, and the day was simply gorgeous--about 70 degrees with beautiful views of the green hills all around. We celebrated our arrival at dinner with our "sister" Marina and a bottle of local favorite Ruche. We enjoyed vitello tonnato, risotto with asparagus, and rabbit stewed with peppers. It was a wonderful evening, followed by a well-deserved good night's sleep.

Today we took the new van to a shop right in the middle of Bergamo's pro-cycling country-proof being we were passed on the highway by a fleet of Rabobank team cars and saw an LPR team car parked at a local eatery-to have our custom racks fitted for the season. The afternoon was spent doing research for a possible self-guided itinerary in the Lake District. We eschewed Villa d'Este, to return "home" to Ariotto for some computer work (as the picture shows) and a quiet dinner after a full second day.

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