Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CycleItalia's new support vehicle

Larry's always been fascinated by the old Fiat 500's, the beloved "Topolino" seen all over Italy. So he couldn't resist when this rare "Giardiniera" version came along. This one even has the "suicide" doors!

We're currently having a roof rack custom-made for the bikes though getting more than 4-5 of 'em up there will be a challenge. The fold-down rear seat will come in handy, though our travel times might need some adjustment as the tiny two-cylinder engine underneath will have a tough time matching the speed of our usual turbo-diesel support van, especially with the windows open - as there's no air conditioning.

Ciclismo come una volta? Indeed!

Note: posted on April Fool's Day 2015


  1. Very cool guys! So classic...Lori R

  2. Very cool guys! So classic...Lori R

  3. It might be a little slow, but the gas mileage would be better than the diesel. And the particulates would be lower, too.