Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring into Primavera (Spring)

The European clocks were moved forward into "summer time" this weekend and the weather here in Rome signaled approval. A gorgeous spring day was predicted, perfect for getting out on the bikes.

After a relaxing cappuccino at the local bar, we headed out to the Appia Antica on our ancient MTBs. First stop along the way was to check out Capo di Bove as you can see above.

These private baths date to the 2nd century.

We later passed these soldiers, perhaps on their way to the baths? Must have taken a wrong turn due to a malfunctioning GPS unit and showed up a bit late?

After bouncing around on the ancient paving stones we headed over to the Street Food Festival where it seems everyone and his fratello had the same idea on this gorgeous spring day?

With so many people (after all this is ROME!) it might have been renamed the "Standing in Line Festival" as this was the order of the day.

We lined up for olive ascolani, the tasty stuffed and fried olives, then for beer. As soon as you got whatever they were selling once you arrived at the front of the line, you got into another line, enjoying your treats while waiting for the next ones.

One place ran out of the treat we were after while we were in line! Perhaps it was for the best as these fried things were pretty heavy. 

We pedaled home, cleaned up and settled in for what turned out to be a marathon of bike races on TV. We are really spoiled here between RAI Sport which showed the final day of the Coppi-Bartali stage race from Emilia-Romagna, SKY's Bike Channel showing Ghent-Wevelgem and Eurosport showing the Tour of Catalonia and Criterium International!

After all that (great win by Paolini at G-W!) it was time for dinner so we wandered over to Lumie for Sicilian specialties, including fresh fish and a very good caponata. Not quite like being there but close enough on a lovely spring evening.

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