Saturday, June 13, 2009

On the way to Gavi

Here we are riding through Monferrato on our way to Gavi. We stopped by to say CIAO to our friend Gianni in Gavi, who insisted we enjoy a glass (or two) of his favorite wine, Gavi-no surprise there, before the final climb to our hotel. Upon arrival we enjoyed a tour of the Villa Sparina cellars and a short rest before our group dinner, wonderful courses paired nicely with wines produced right here on the estate. Tomorrow (Saturday) we're off to Castellania to visit the Coppi tombs and our friend Piero Coppi, first cousin of the famous cycling brothers.

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  1. well I was browsing blogger to find local blogs, you are listed in Sioux City, but this is certainly far from that!
    how did you come to be in Italy? And can I join you? :)

    looks like a fabulous adventure. thanks for sharing it!