Friday, August 7, 2009

Wishing we were in Italia.

No travel news since we're not on the road but instead in the posh CycleItalia office working on 2010 tours. Heather's back from hobknobbing with her fellow philosophical wizards in Greece and we're getting very close to finalizing details and sending out the next issue of La Gazzetta dello CycleItalia. In case you're wondering, this strawberry gelato cone I'm pictured with was exceptional! We find 'em on the way from San Severino in Marche to Monteconero at the top of a VERY steep climb during our Umbria and Le Marche tour. The nice folks at "Zanzibar" (yes, that's the real name!) have won awards for their "fragola" flavored gelato and we don't miss our once-a-year chance to enjoy some. We'll be back there in 2010 to enjoy it again. Why don't YOU come and enjoy some with us?

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