Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Market Day in Viterbo

One of the best things about taking a little apartment in Italy with a tiny kitchen is visiting the weekly market. "On tour" when we're in hotels each night and eating out these markets are a colorful diversion but nothing more since buying any fresh food makes little sense. But when we have a way to cook each evening the market experience takes on a new purpose - enjoying good food and the interaction with the vendors as you shop for meat, cheese, vegetables, etc. The fellow in the top photo was slicing prosciutto by hand for his clients while the character below sang a bit of a song for us as he presented some samples of local cheeses. We went "home" with shopping bags full of great things and Heather went to work right away cooking up some wonderful soup. She believes nothing makes a place home like getting some good cooking aromas wafting around!

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