Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lago di Vico

It was cold and blustery today so I decided to visit my new friend, Serafino Tomi to set up an interview with the man about his frame-building days, etc. He asked where I was riding today and I told him it was too cold and windy. His response shamed me into thinking about a day like this in Iowa after snow has melted --so out I went. I decided to ride out to San Martino al Cimino and on around Lake Vico. The climb to San Martino from Viterbo was welcome on the cold, cloudy day as it kept me warm (I was wearing everything I brought including a full Windstopper jacket) but once I got above San Martino things got truly evil -- the Garmin gizmo claimed there were 23% slopes above the town! AGHHHH! But on I went to the lake where you can see it was sunny and pretty nice. Still blustery and cold but after some climbing into the wind near Ronciglione the descent was welcome despite the cold. Especially nice was the hot bowl of pasta Heather had waiting for me at home after my hot bath! A glass of Sangiovese, a salad and Illy caffe with a piece of Caffarel chocolate made this day fit for a king! Truly "la dolce vita -- in bicicletta!"

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