Monday, January 25, 2010

Our tiny apartment

Here's where we're spending the next few months before our tour season begins. Views of the kitchen/"soggiorno" as it's called plus one of the posh CycleItalia office complete with folding plastic chair, Heather hard at work in the "soggiorno", the bathroom, bedroom/bike storage area and the entrance-way/bike repair area. Somehow it all fits in and in the end is pretty workable. We get nice light in the mornings from three windows facing the street and quiet at night in the bedroom that faces the back. Once we get the heat fixed in the soggiorno it will be even better -- Larry resorted to riding down to the commercial center this cold and gray afternoon to buy a cheapo heater/fan combo to take the edge off the cold room, figuring we can use it in the entrance-way/office once the heater is repaired. Our shopping bike came in handy for this project, perhaps we'll have some photos of it later this week?

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