Thursday, February 4, 2010

TOMI- Part 1

For Larry an important part of moving to a new place is finding the local bike shop and establishing a good relationship. Here you see Larry and Serafino Tomi who runs (along with his sons) two stores just outside the medieval walls of Viterbo. They are from nearby San Martino. This is a classic, old-time Italian bike store, totally different than the self-service emporium we're used to in the USA. The photo was taken at what I believe is their original store, full of old Columbus tubes, lugs, etc. along with some dust. For old guys who treasure steel frames this is a small slice of heaven! I begged "Serafi" as he's called affectionately, to spend a bit of time with me for an in-depth interview and photo session. Most of it has been completed and parts will run over the next few weeks so folks not so enamored with tubes and lugs can read about other aspects of our time here in Viterbo in between the old bike lore.

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