Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vino Italiano

Most Italians don't uncork bottles of wine for everyday enjoyment, rather they have a carafe of something they poured out of a large jug in their basement or like us, out of a reused 1.5 liter mineral water bottle. Photos here of a typical "vino sfuso" shop - where they purchase wine in bulk from wineries and sell it by the liter. Tastes are free but not too sophisticated as they're done using a plastic throwaway cup. But the wine can be very good at a price per liter around the same as gasoline here--around a euro. That's right --GOOD wine at less than the price of "two buck Chuck" back home!
Symposium has wines from Sicily (we get our favorites Greco and Falanghina from Campania) as well as Tuscany (we like a blend of Sangiovese and Merlot) Lazio and nearby Umbria. The nice fellow just turns the tap and fills whatever vessel you bring. This particular place can even put it into a bottle and cork it up for you, plus make up your own personalized fantasy label and paste it on! Some "Harry & Leather Viterbo Rosso" might end up being created here. Cin-Cin!

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