Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cicli Tomi Part 4

Serfino Tomi is a disciple of Cino Cinelli. He worked with the grand master for almost 5 years before returning to Viterbo and building frames with his name on them- using Cinelli lugs and other parts of course! He built frames from 1975 through 2003 and estimates he built around 2000 in total, each one unique, no two are exactly alike. Each tube hand-mitered using just a file, no hole saws, etc. In the photos here you can see a basic main triangle of a frame on the alignment table and just hanging on a post clamped into a vise. Serafino is a big believer in having all the parts slip together easily with no stress, no jamming or force fits. This example slipped together easily but stayed assembled just hanging there! Tomi insists this results in a long-lived frame that will not fatigue from built-in stress. Being way down here in Viterbo's farm country, Serafino had to do everything himself (except chroming which was done in industrial Milan) including the painting. Next time we'll see some of the finished products, including one that measures out just perfectly for Larry.

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