Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Market Day in Viterbo

We truly are spoiled here in so many ways. Today (Wednesday) the local market in Piazza San Faustino (less than 10 minutes walk from us) is open, with vendors from throughout the local area coming to hawk their wares. We get fresh fruits and vegetables, sometimes fresh fish and quite often, porchetta from the man we call "Babbo (Father) Porchetta" . This fellow looks a bit like the old Grandpa Munster character and just like the TV image, appears a bit cranky and dangerous but actually seems to have a heart of gold. More than once we've seen him simply hand over a tasty morsel of the fire-roasted whole pig to some unfortunate person with no money to pay for it, always with a smile. Another vendor who Heather calls "black-haired lady" always throws in some free carrots, celery and parsley into our bags of fruit and vegetables. We don't want to sound too wistful here but we're going to miss markets and characters like this once our bike tour season starts and we head north.

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  1. I thought the SanFaustino market was on Saturdays.....does it come on Wednesdays too? I got a bunch of free parsley thrown into the bag last week.