Saturday, March 27, 2010

TIme is flying by--

Just realized nothing's been posted since the Milano-San Remo wrap-up! Sorry, we'll try to do better. Heather's been under-the-weather since we came back from San Remo, even having to bail out of a philosophical conference she'd planned to attend. Thursday we awoke to find the entire city taken over by a market, the festival of St. Annunziata they called it. The entire town was closed to automobiles and almost every square centimeter of the interior was covered by vendors. I saw EVERYTHING! From tropical fish and pet mice to auto parts and floor mats and everything in between. It looked like a combination of the weekend market of clothing, household goods and shoes combined with the monthly exotic food market added to the semi-monthly flea-market with some other vendors added in just to fill the space! And the scene outside the walls where folks scrambled for parking places was even more chaotic. Luckily this "festa" was only one day -- now all that remains is some trash blowing through the streets. This weekend is "dolcegusto" put on by the local bread and pastry baking association and the City of Viterbo. Tasting of typical products that get the label, "Prodotti tipici di qualita TUSCIA VITERBESE" will be offered along with guided tours of the San Pellegrino medieval section of the city and demonstrations of how some of these products are created. This is all part of a "gusta in tuscia" program running throughout the year. Flowers are the theme next month along with ceramics, books and typical foods highlight July along with wine later in the same month followed by chestnuts in October and olive oil in December. What a place! We'll be a bit sad when it's time to leave and start producing our bike tour season but excited to see some of you and get "on the road".

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