Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mi,ano-San Remo Wrap up

Some final words and photos from our Milano-San Remo adventure. Here's the "official" CycleItalia Fiat Punto in the hotel parking lot.
Nice view from our hotel room- just a minute's walk from the race route.

The bike trail along the sea follows an old railroad line, complete with tunnels. They're working to complete more of this and perhaps one day it'll extend along much of the coastline.

Heather pauses for a photo at the Cipressa sign. A fairly gentle climb as long as you've NOT ridden 250 kms already! Campers are already up here the night before along with a food truck.

Larry poses at the Poggio sign. Again not a tough climb unless you've already done 250 kms and the Cipressa. We were looking for a good spot for lunch at this point,

Here's the family at Rustichello that provided our pranzo, enjoying their own lunch after everyone but us was gone. They kindly let us stay and watch the race with them until just before the racers reached the Poggio. In addition to a wonderful pesto, which you'd expect in Liguria, they had specialities from Abruzzo, their homeland.

Our friend, Richard Pestes of was there, seeing the finale of the race in-person just as we were. Sadly our cell phone reception was not good enough to get his message BEFORE lunch so we couldn't invite him to join us, instead seeing him on our way down the Poggio after the first wave of riders had passed. Richard runs one of the better cycling news websites out there and shares our love of great cycling and great food (in Italy of course!). He's coming back for the Giro so we hope to see him there.

Here the race passes the Poggio. Larry held the camera and took photo after photo, hoping to get something to share with you. This was the best one!
Lots more racing coming up but we'll not see anything live, in-person until some of the Giro stages come very close to us here in Viterbo, especially the "strada sterrata" stage to Montalcino.

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