Friday, April 30, 2010

Olive oil

Here in "Alta Tuscia" we're surrounded by olive groves. The annual pressing was going on back when we came here in November to find a place to live and of course we brought some (5 liters!) back with us. When we returned in January we needed a supply here. Mamma Rosanna fixed us up with the same local supplier -- it was like a drug deal from TV..a container was handed over to a stranger who left for few minutes, then came back with our oil. Some cash was handed over and away we went!
We like that oil but we wanted to try some others, including the one you see here, pressed nearby, inside the medieval walls.
At home we use the good stuff only raw, for cooking we most often buy grocery store extra-virgin olive oil which can be made from olives grown ANYWHERE, despite saying "Tuscan Extra-virgin Olive Oil" on the can or bottle. How can YOU get the real thing? Only by buying from someone trustworthy who imports genuine Italian oil from Italy. If there's nobody like this where you live, our friends at import oils from Italian producers they know and the quality is excellent. Tell 'em we sent you!
(FTC disclaimer - we have received nothing from Gustiamo in return for this post, they are merely our friends)

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  1. Grazie to all friends of Cycleitalia for mentioning Gustiamo and our splendid ev olive oils. it would be great if you included some of our producers - our heros - in yur tours, too they would love to see you and have taste their products.
    ciao Beatrice from