Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stade Bianche

Off to Montalcino this morning as La Corsa Rosa arrives there this afternoon. They'll cover some of the famous "white roads" (dirt) of Tuscany on their way. Larry's plan was to bring the bike, park the rental car in Montalcino, then ride out on paved roads to intersect the last dirt section, stopping at a good viewing spot to await the race' arrival. Since it's raining here in Viterbo (and has been since last night) chances are the weather's not so great in Tuscany either. Plan B (there's always a Plan B!) will be to drive the car as close to the dirt sections as possible, even driving to a good viewing spot if the organizers will allow it - and watching from there. This won't give me the experience of riding on the strada bianca but I'm not really up for a soggy mudfest and waiting in the rain all afternoon for the race arrival -- I'll leave the suffering to the men who get paid for it! Tomorrow Heather will join me and we'll head over to see the Terminillo stage (with bikes of course) hoping for improved weather. Our time is getting very short here in Viterbo and we're trying to cram in every experience possible before we depart.


  1. How much time do you spend in Viterbo every year?

    This constant rain is so depressing and unusual for the time of year. It was our Festa day in Marta yesterday and the first time it has rained for 29 years!

  2. We're just in Viterbo here until the end of May, we've never lived here before. Sure, the rain's been less-than-great and the spring's been slow in arriving but we'd rather be rained on in Italy than be under the sun pretty much anywhere else! Sadly, our time here is coming to an end much too soon.