Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Larry is fascinated by the tiny Fiat 500. The new one (shown here with CycleItalia logos) is cute and popular but the one it emulates is even cuter--and in Viterbo it would seem just as popular. Note the size of this car --scroll down to the photo with a person in it to get an idea of how tiny they really are.
The new one is much larger, when parked near the original it's obvious, in the same way the new BMW-built Mini Cooper is much larger than the original, but they've done such a good job emulating the original shape and proportions you can't tell until you see them together.
How popular are these little cars? ALL of these photos were taken in one day during a walk to the bike shop and a bike ride. The blue station wagon, complete with "suicide" doors is a regular fixture in the town as is the hotrod version which merited side, front and back photos.
These cars are beloved like early Ford coupes or 50's era Chevrolets are in the USA -- but only in Cuba do you see so many Chevys in daily use. There are a LOT of "Cinquecento" Fiats on the streets of Viterbo and the surrounding area used as daily drivers, some looking like nothing much has been done to them since new other than basic work to keep 'em running, while others are their owner's pride and joy, polished, painted and modified to show it.
Most major cities have Fiat 500 clubs and it's quite a sight to see hundreds of the tiny cars parked in a sunny piazza in the center of a medieval town.
Rumors are the new 500 might be making its way to the USA soon. Perhaps there'll be a new CycleItalia car in the future?


  1. Great post! I keep meaning to do a Fait 500 post myself, as I have collected quite a number of photos of both old and new around the locality myself.

  2. Hi me again, just to let you know I will be adding a link to your Blog from mine :)

  3. Larry & Heather - you are welcome to a ride in our "bianca" cinquecento next time you are in the SF bay area! And maybe a blast on the Ducati, too. ; ) Ciao ~ T.J.