Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tomi detail photos

Some have asked for better photos of the TOMI bike. With our better camera I was able to take these detail shots and Heather shot one of yours truly posing in the TOMI jersey with the bike. As you can see in the photos this bike was completed with a mixture of parts, mostly Campagnolo (of course!) 9-speed triple bits but there are Miche hubs and cassette, Torelli roller headset and Triumph rims. All Italian except for pedals from "those other people". The chromed steel stem seemed perfect for this bike -- no carbon fiber bits for this classic! The pantographed parts on this frame are just gorgeous, I can imagine Serafino Tomi or perhaps his wife, painstakingly painting them in late at night in his kitchen in San Martino, just outside of Viterbo.


  1. Very nice rig Larry - ben fato...

  2. Larry, The Tomi looks VERY sweet...what a ride!
    Rick Freitas